Beautiful Endings Furniture | Reviving your old unloved furniture
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Hello and welcome to Beautiful Endings Furniture!
We are a small family business based in Wrexham that specialises in reviving your old, unloved and maybe broken furniture and giving it a Beautiful Ending instead of it being replaced with new.
Many people have furniture in their home that they no longer love or that does not match their current decor but can either not afford to replace it with new or cannot throw it away for sentimental reasons or alike.
We can pick up your furniture, take it away, repair what needs to be repaired, remove all the years of varnish, paints and lacquers and see what we have left to work with. We will take time to speak with you to find out what kind of look you would like, even replacing old handles with new ones alone can give a piece a wonderful new appearance. You can chose any colour of paint and any finish you would like.
If you have a piece of furniture you would like us to revive, we can give you a rough idea of cost over the phone or from a picture but until we see the piece, we cannot give an exact quote. We are happy to come out and give a free, no obligation quote.
We pride ourselves on the professional finish of our furniture. We are fully qualified furniture polishers with NVQ Level 2 and 3 with over 10 years experience.